About Pharma-Orange

Pharma-Orange is set up under a passion to deliver premium quality drug to the citizens at an affordable cost.  It has involved in drug manufacturing / Clinical Research and drug delivery business.  Our facility sites are located in Central China , Hunan Province with the Clinical Center beside it. However, our head office and drug delivery team is located in Guangzhou, Canton Province.

We innovate and develop drugs, delivering them to global citizens with our partners. Orange not only produces APIs & intermediates but also formulations. In the meantime we offer CMO & Clinical Trial service for international drug companies with a our faster response and flexibility service of our own Clinical Base. We also deliver generics manufactured abroad to China Patients when needed via our 3000+ connections by our drug delivery team.

Clinical Reseach Center

Pharma-Orange’s Clinical Trial base was lead by experienced R&D person ever worked in world wide famous pharma companies as R&D directors. Along with our pharmacology team, we offer a full scale support to any manufactures in the world if they want to establish their generics in China.