Identify the best opportunities early. Make sure you’re the first to market. The generics industry depends on having top-quality, timely information that identifies imminent patient expiries around the world. And to put it in perspective, you need the right expertise across the generics lifecycle.

Selection & Development

  • l Select potential generics
  • l Evaluate protection status
  • l Understand competitors
  • l Create licensing strategies


  • l Drug substance characterization
  • Investigation on solid state properties of API
  • PH / solubility profiles
  • Forced degradation studies
  • Excipient compatibility studies
  • Compatibility Studies between API and container
  • Blend characterization


  • Formulation Development for early studies
  • Prototype formulations for clinical trials
  • Product Reformulation for Innovation & Product Life Cycle management
  • Preliminary process identification
  • Source and Supply of the reference preparations

Our team is well connected with the suppliers of the reference listed drugs, we can get the right RLD for your right time.

Consistency Evaluation service(pre-BE, BE,BA), we have our own clinical trial center with  hospitals.